HSFO, MGO are both main and duplicate fuel
  • for both master and pilot diesel motors of marine vessels and river crafts
  • for inboard diesel engine, diesel-generator and gas-turbine-engined mountings
There are installed blenders on oil-tankers what allows us to expand an oil-product line on our client demand
We propose fuels IFO 380HS, IFO 180HS и MGO 0,1% as a block trade, those are complied with ISO 8217 RMG 380, RME 180 and DMA, for ocean passage vessels – out of SECA
International classification analogue ISO 8217
IFO 380 HS
RMG 380
IFO 180 HS
RME 180
Fuel with viscosity 300-380 mm2/sec is used for slow-speed engines.
Fuel with viscosity 120-180 mm2/sec is used in medium-speed engine.

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