We provide bunkering operations at Saint Petersburg port on our own bunkering barge «Narva» with deadweight capacity 1621 ton
cargo tank «Narva» №IMO SZ-13-81
Bunkering barge «Narva»:
  • heat and power depot for heavy petroleum products heat up
  • weight checking equipment
  • vessel capacity: 1610 м3
Dangerous shipment porterage at seaports from one vessel onto another
Naval portage of dangerous shipment.
Dangerous shipment classes: 3, 9
Bunkering is accomplished
  • at berth – from bunkering barge by unmooring to a berth
  • from bunkering barge onto a vessel at anchor
Vessel charging operation speed, in case if requisite fuel is in stock: up to 6 hrs as from receipt a ready order
Free of charge pre-test
24 hrs/ 7 days a week: sample analysis, vessels bunkering, all sort of business processes constant monitoring on-line for clients convenience


port Saint Petersburg, «Severnye verfi»
Transit international vessels fuel servicing in port
Russian vessels fuel servicing in port
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