Who we work with

International shipping companies
International traders serving vessels
Russian shipping companies and traders
Note: This offer is a proposition to any number of unspecified persons for placing order as for bunker fuel designation, quantity and supply time frames. As for the rest from when filing any bearing upon the case is regulated by the Standard Terms and Conditions and is in force of the contract
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ТМ GROSS bunkering fuel sale

  1. Wholesale / medial wholesale inland Russian market
  2. Stock trading
  3. Sale along with straightforward agreement of fuel supply
  4. Sale via stock trading /auctions provided by client
  5. Supply based on tender result

Benefits and advantages for our clients

No delay or vessel client's breakage
Fixed price
Products quality and business processes multisample inspection
Large fuel reserves in stock
High bunkering operation speed: up to 6 hrs
Fuel quality warranty
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